Horringer Court Middle School

Why a Middle School?

The Academic Years 5-8 are key developmental ages for children academically but also socially, emotionally and physically. The experiences of school during these ages can have a significant impact on a child’s future progress. The middle school system allows children to have a richer, more varied experience than they would receive in the final two years of a Primary School. The opportunity to learn in specialist rooms with specialist teachers fires their imagination and challenges them to take on a new experiences. For Key Stage 3 children, a middle school provides a smaller, safer environment than moving to a large secondary school at the end of Year 6. Children who have been with us since Year 5 have already developed strong bonds with their teachers, meaning that the transition to Key Stage 3 is seamless. Children who join us in Year 7 have a buddy to help them settle in and get to know the school routines. Being a smaller school we are able to get to know new students quickly so that they do not get lost in a large Year group. This helps them to become an integral part of the school rapidly. Time is spent during Key Stage 3 working with the Upper School to support the transition at the end of Year 8.

Middle Schools are successful! Evidence of the successful approach of three tier education can be found in this report Three Tiers for Success. Whether you opt for joining at the start of Year 5 or at a later date, such as at the end of Primary School, we are sure your child will benefit from the educational experience offered at Horringer Court.