Horringer Court Middle School

School Uniform

We have now commissioned Anglia Sportswear to produce our uniform. All orders will be placed directly via their website and sent to your home address.

To mark 50 years of Horringer Court we will have a new logo on the school jumper. Both the new style and old style logos will be acceptable for school.

The link for the webshop is HERE

  • Navy blue V neck jumper with school logo
  • White shirt with collar (not a polo shirt) – we require all shirts to be tucked into skirts and trousers
  • School tie
  • Black tailored trousers, tailored shorts or black knee length skirt. Jeans, sports trousers, flared, skinnies, ‘fashion’ trousers or pencil skirts are not acceptable
  • Standard black school shoes – these must be a sensible style, no logos and with black laces
    • To comply with safety regulations for DT, Food Tech and Science shoes MUST be of a sturdy
      material. Boots, high heels, sandals, flip flops, plimsolls, canvas shoes are NOT permitted.
  • Black socks or tights – plain black with no visible logos and ankle length or longer, trainer socks are not
  • No jewellery except for a watch and one plain stud in each ear

As a school we have taken the decision to ask all pupils to come to school in their PE kit on those days they have PE lessons. We ask that on wet days they also wear an additional top layer that can be removed for all other lessons where they will be in their school PE kit. 

(Please see the additional item list)

New PE Kit

  • School Navy Blue Rugby Top
  • School Navy Blue Polo Shirt

The following can be bought through the school or elsewhere

  • Navy Blue Shorts / Navy Blue Skort
  • Navy Blue Football Socks(Outdoor)
  • White Sports Socks(Indoors)

Additional Kit

  • Plain Black or Navy Sweatshirt, jogging bottoms or tracksuit for outdoor sports in cold weather.
  • Plain Black or Navy base layers can be worn for outdoor sports in cold weather.
  • Mouth guards for hockey and rugby
  • Shin pads for hockey and football
  • No jewellery to be worn Earrings must be removed or covered with a plaster (provided by student)

General Appearance

  • Students are expected to look smart.
  • Only one pair of stud earrings may be worn in school. These must be removed for PE. If students are unable to remove their own earrings they must not wear them to school on day they have PE. No other piercings are permitted.
  • Make up, nail varnish, false nails, false lashes are not permitted.
  • Hair should be a natural colour, not dyed, and in a smart style suitable for school (not with clipped patterns and no shorter than 6mm/a number 2). Hair longer than the shoulders must be tied back for practical science, technology and PE lessons with a black or brown hairband.
  • Parents are encouraged to check with school prior to making a purchase if they are in any doubt as to whether certain items are suitable for school.
  • If your child does not meet the required standards of appearance, parents/carers will be contacted to rectify the situation at the earliest opportunity. 

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support of our efforts to maintain the highest standards.

School Equipment

School Bags

Children are not required to carry large numbers of books home each day. We do recommend that you buy a school bag which is just large enough to hold a reading book, an information book, 2 A4 exercise books, a ring binder (optional) and a packed lunch. Bags which are very large encourage children to overload themselves and congest the cloakrooms. Book bags can be purchased from the school office.

A small separate PE bag is recommended for hygiene and convenience; this should have enough space to hold additional clothing for bad weather and a pair of trainers.


  • A pencil case containing at least:
    • 1 black pen
    • 1 pencil
    • coloured pencils (not felt tips/sharpies)
    • 30cm ruler
    • glue stick
    • eraser
    • pencil sharpener
  • In KS3 a scientific calculator will be required. (Casio 85GT Plus recommended)
  • For Computing lessons children will need an inexpensive pair of wired earphones/headphones
  • General notebook (A4/A5) is recommended
  • We encourage all children to bring in their own water bottle with a sports top – bottles will not be provided by school.


If you wish your child to bring their mobile phone to school, then it is done at your own risk. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during the school day and therefore must be switched off at all times when on the school site.

All other electronic devices are not permitted in school.

Wallets and Purses

If children bring dinner money or a bus pass they will need a clearly named wallet or purse to keep them in.


Lockers are available for all children to rent. These can be booked through the following link. 


Please ensure that you rent a locker in your child’s relevant Year group area.

Lost Property

Whilst every effort is made, the school cannot accept responsibility for items that are not recovered.