Horringer Court Middle School

Pastoral Care

Our Support Pathway

Pastoral Care at Horringer Court Middle school is delivered by everyone.

If students have any issues or concerns don’t leave until you get home or keep it bottled up. We might not be able to solve every problem immediately but we will do everything possible to help and make sure everyone gets all the help available for as long as they need it.

  1. Everyone in school has a Form Tutor and this is the first step on our support pathway
  2. Next step is the Head of Year.
  3. The Head of Year is supported by the rest of the Pastoral Support Team.
  4. Then the Senior Leadership and Safeguarding Teams.
  5. We work closely with a number of external agencies and students are often supported by the School Nurses, Play Therapists, Emotional Literacy Support Assistants, Family Support Workers, etc.

PSHE lessons and tutor time share support for wellbeing concerns, mental health issues, relationship advice etc.

We encourage parents to remind students that if they have any issues/problems in a lesson to speak to their class teacher. If they can’t or they feel more comfortable they can go to their Tutor. Form Tutors are the first step in the Pastoral Support Team. The Team includes Heads of Year and Mrs Scarfe, Mrs Cook and the SLT.

How We Do It

We pride ourselves on providing high quality Pastoral Care. This was recognised in our most recent Ofsted Report. Our arrangements for supporting your child are extensive and below are some of the ways we ensure your child is happy and feels safe.

  • A separate playground for Year 5
  • A dedicated non-teaching Head of Year 5
  • Buddy system where Year 8 are responsible for Year 5 students
  • Year 5 regularly meet with their Year 8 buddies to support their transition to Middle School
  • Buddy day once a week where we encourage Year 8 to have lunch with their Year 5 buddy
  • Heads of House and Heads of Year who support the Pastoral Care provided by the tutors
  • Head Boy and Head Girl and House Captains who can be approached by any student
  • Anti-bullying week, Online Safety Day and other National events to support the students
  • Regular surveys carried out by all students to understand their worries, concerns and needs
  • E-mail contacts for Head of Year 5 and all tutors
  • First call system for absences
  • Easily understood sanctions which are applied consistently and effectively.

Year Teams

At Horringer Court we pride ourselves in really knowing and understanding our students, to ensure they are able to reach their full potential. This starts with our full transition programme delivered to parents and students during the summer term before they join us in Year 5. Their journey at Horringer Court is then supported by our dedicated non-teaching Head of Year 5, Mrs Kemp. Mrs Kemp will meet and greet your child each morning and work closely with their form tutors and teachers throughout the day to ensure their needs are met.

In Year 6, we continue to help the students build up their confidence and independence in school. It is a busy school year and we help them prepare for SATs and their transition into KS3 in a safe and friendly way. We work with the students to help them make positive and trusting relationships with their peers.

In Year 7 we facilitate the students transition between key stage 2 and key stage 3. Supporting and nurturing students pastorally to develop strong, independent and confident learners.

In year 8, we help prepare students for the social, emotional and academic demands of secondary school.  Although this is a challenging year, we always ensure there is lots of fun to be had with celebrations of their many success throughout the year.


At Horringer Court Middle School we understand that starting a new school is an exciting time, that may also  be mixed with uncertainty. We therefore have a full transition package in place to support both students and parents during this transition. Mrs Kemp, our dedicated non-teaching Head of Year 5, will be available to offer guidance throughout transition and into the new school year.

Sharing ideas, listening to each other and helping others are factors that contribute to the teamwork that happens in Orford. The students enjoy the challenge of choosing a charity to support each year and come up with some creative ways to raise money. Assemblies are focused around our school values, along with topical issues.

Framlingham is a welcoming and friendly house. I am very proud of how well the younger students are supported by the older members. We are competitive, and we always take on challenges with confidence, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

Lidgate House are strong, competitive and determined students that work together, with a team mentality, to support and care for each other and the wider community.

We believe that your child has to be happy and feel safe if they are to learn

Talk to us…

Parents/carers – please contact us at anytime if you have concerns about your child’s wellbeing.

Students – please talk to us. Whether you feel more comfortable talking to your teacher or your parents, please talk.