Horringer Court Middle School

School Closure Status

In the event of a school closure, information will be posted on our website and families will be notified via ClassCharts.

Suffolk County Council also maintain a list of all schools and their current status:

Closure in an Emergency or Severe Weather

In extreme overnight weather any school closure will be announced on the radio:

Please do not send children to school if you hear on the radio that the school is closed. Please check on the Suffolk CC Schools Closure site (link above).

If school needs to close during the day we ask parents/guardians to ensure the children know of any emergency arrangements that you have. This could be having their own house key or going to the house of a relative or friend for example.

In severe weather children who usually travel by bus should not walk into school if the bus service is not running. If you bring your child in when the bus is not running please be aware that you will need to make arrangements for their collection too. It is possible that in bad weather, even if the school remains open, bus contractors may run return buses early if conditions worsen.

Please ensure you have completed the section entitled ‘Emergency Arrangements if school closes early’ in your child’s planner.